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Home - This page contains seasonal photos and general information of the Cumberland Gap Wedding Chapel.

History - A brief history of the historic Cumberland Gap and the beginnings of the Chapel. Also, the opening of the Wedding Chapel in its present location.

Wedding Packages - A description of the various packages offered by the Wedding Chapel.

Photos - This page is devoted to photos of the Chapel from various viewpoints and seasons of the year. Also, there are photos of several weddings that were conducted at the Wedding Chapel in Cumberland Gap.

Links - Here you will find links to other sites in the Cumberland Gap and surrounding area to include: tourism, museums, and lodging.

Contact Us - This page is provided for you to contact us at the Wedding Chapel by mail, phone, or e-mail.

Map - This page contains a map to help you to locate us at the Cumberland Gap Wedding Chapel. Also there is a link to an interactive map for your benefit.

FAQ - Various questions that we have been asked at the Chapel are answered for you on this page. Also included are our phone number and a link for e-mail, so you may ask any questions not covered.

Site Map - This page details the various pages found on the Cumberland Gap Wedding Chapel web-site.

Privacy Policy - This page explains our privacy policy. Your privacy is very important to us at the Wedding Chapel.

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