Cumberland Gap Wedding Chapel the premier wedding chapel in east Tennessee.

May we bring our own minister?

Yes, as long as they are legally eligible to perform marriages in the state of Tennessee. However, we do have several different ministers who provide services for us. We use whoever is available at the time. For more information call (423) 869-5562 or e-mail

How much does a marriage license cost?

As of January, 2013, the cost of a marriage license Tenneessee, is $100.00. However, if you participate in pre-marital counseling, and get the proper form signed, the cost is reduced to $40.00. Call for details. The license is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issuance..

What age is legal to get married in TN?

If either applicant is under eighteen (18) years of age, the application for a marriage license shall remain on file for three (3) days before issuance. No waiting period shall apply if both parents, the guardian or the next of kin of any minor applicant join in the application. The waiting period does not apply if both applicants are eighteen (18) years of age or over.

Do I have to make reservations to use your chapel?

Reservations are highly suggested because we want your special day to be special. For more information call (423) 869-5562 or e-mail

Is there a dressing area for the bride and groom in the same building as the chapel?

Yes, we have dressing rooms – one for the bride and one for the groom. The space is small but adequate, and we have handicapped accessible facilities.

Are guests allowed to take photographs/video?

Videos are allowed if you bring your own camera.

How many guests can I have?

Our beautiful chapel can easily seat up to 40 guests.

How much time is allowed with each ceremony?

Ample time is allowed so that your day can be memorable, and without distraction.

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